The Catering Crew

Allow me to tell you what sets the culinary experience
at The Villa apart from all others. For starters we
do not allow outside caterers in and by the same token
we never let our team out, sort of like Oompa Loompas. What this means is that we devote our attention to one client at a time. 

Simply put, your meal is the only thing on our plate.  Now as to what goes on that plate, we work with only the finest butchers, bakers and cheese makers around to stock the pantry. 

Next, we source our produce almost exclusively from local organic farmers and finally our team of amazing chefs put it all together fresh with love for you inside the four walls of The Villa.

Our sister restaurant The Ramos House Cafe is located just up the road from The Villa, we recommend you try it out!  Not to sound immodest, but at The Ramos House we are rather renowned for our wonderful Sunday brunch.  In fact, Zagat’s once reviewed us as quite possibly the best breakfast in America. 

 Now, since no other country in the world focuses on breakfast the way we do in the United States, I take that to mean the best breakfast in the world.  While we’re at it, since we have yet to discover life on other planets I will come right out and say we serve the best brunch in the universe.  Why not get in on some of that action?