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Imagine a warm summer evening in an ancient courtyard hidden by giant fruit trees and illuminated by Spanish gas lamps. Surrounded by the ones you love, you walk down an aisle of cobbled stone and as you share your first kiss as man and wife, the Basilica bells chime.  That’s the picture that has been painted for you by John Q, and his crew. The same people who gave you The Ramos House Cafe Now bring you The Villa San Juan Capistrano. From the three hundred year old art on the walls, to the state of the art audio visual systems, from the hand hammered iron to the meticulous menu, every detail has been seen to. The Villa is nothing short of breathtaking, come experience it for yourself.  

The Villa San Juan Capistrano is brought to you by the innovative minds that created the Ramos House Café located in The Los Rios Historic District in Orange County. Step inside and find that this unique wedding venue is unlike any place you've seen.Nestled in the old Spanish town of San Juan Capistrano, lies a turn-of-the-century home covered in ivy. A mahogany door, complete with an detailed metal door knocker, awaits the arrival of welcomed guests.Step inside The Villa and feel the essence of time flourish around you and your loved ones as you invite them into a historic building, filled with fine antiques flown in from around the world. A beautiful stone courtyard sets the stage for a romantic wedding ceremony and reception, all shaded by ancient fruit trees, and enhanced by flickering gas lanterns throughout the property.This timeless facility is equipped with a customized, state-of-the-art kitchen designed to ensure the highest quality offerings, served by an unbelievable staff.

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